Can anyone help meh,I think I'm going blind,

So I'm 14 and I've brown eyes,previously I used to sit in front of the t.v.I think thts y my eyesight is so weak.I just can't see the white board at school despite being in front of it.I have problem in reading.... ya even my optician said that it's too weak for my age and I have to wear glasses permanently...can U SaVE Me.I dON'T want to put glass and I will do ANything to have good eyesight again plzzz tell me any tips tht have work plZz I need help? Whoever is reading this I beg u give me rips to improve my eyesight I will do anything to have perfect eyesight,,,thanks a lot in advance...
Asked Apr 23, 2013
Edited Apr 23, 2013
It's okay it's probaly impossible to get your eyesight perfect but hey glasses aren't that bad theres millions of frames out there or If you want you can have contacts I were contacts and they don't hurt
I heard watching tv doesn't hurt your eyes it just makes them tired :/ I believe it cause my cuz has a YouTube channel and he always has his face in phones,laptops,tvs,iPads and other stuff but he has pretty great eye sight he says his eyes get tired after a videp
Glasses just correct your vision, they won't prevent you from going blind if there is something wrong with your eyes. An optician measures your vision and fits glasses. If there is a medical problem with your vision, you would need to see an ophthalmologist; a doctor that specializes in diseases of the eyes and conditions that affect your vision.
Answered Apr 23, 2013
ok Thxxx
ishk Apr 23, 2013
i think glasses are your only option for not getting blind :/
Answered Apr 23, 2013
I will get circles around my eyes.
I don't want glasses:/
ishk Apr 23, 2013
It will affect my eyes more.wen I will remove it I won't be able to see anything.
ishk Apr 23, 2013
Have you heard of contacts?
Also you take off glasses when you sleep like 6 seconds of no glasses won't hurt you
You could wear contacts or have corrective eye surgery (quick procedure done in an eye doctor's office). Talk with your optician/ophthalmologist about your options.
Answered Apr 23, 2013
contacts, or glasses that you really like!
Answered Apr 23, 2013
(true story) im from mexico and mexican always got remedies for everything and back then it was this old women with the same problem as you so she got tired of it and.she did an insane thing she grew alot of carrot in her yard and every day she ate carrots. breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner I remember she used to make milkshake with carrots and by 7 months her vision was perfect she could read the bible with no glasses and you know the bible has some small letters. I suggest u eating more carrots I mean like once a day it
Answered Jan 29, 2014
I wear glasses, at first I liked it but now im getting annoyed of them. They arent ugly, but sometimes you just dont want squares sitting on your face. Maybe you can ask for contacts, which is what I want to ask my parents and get laser eye surgery at 18 years old. (i think thats the minimum age)
Answered Apr 14, 2014
I answered so late
brightd Apr 14, 2014

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