I'm a girl and I fell for my friend who's a girl.help me

I'm 15 and I fell in love with my friend which is a girl ,I say to myself that I'm straight as I have got a boyfriend but our relationships is secret(he says if I kiss a girl he will not count it as cheating)it's been like this for a year now as it works better for us when no one knows.(we going to name the girl Jess for obvious reasons ) Jess has kissed girls before but shes not sure if shes bi(its complicated ) so in a way it should be a pulse but we are really good friends and I don't want to break the friendship, she says to me that she loves me every day but I think it's just a joke ,when she hugs me I don't want her to let go sometimes I wish I could tell her that I like her but im to scared,she calls me things like babz,honey ...etc and I like it in a way, before we were walking to my house after a birthday party and she said she "liked me"but then after about 10 seconds added "as a friend" but she looked sad when she said "as a friend"and from that moment I fell for her.But im straight well I say I am as I kind of dont like lesbians because ones when I was about 7(in my country people know about lesbians,gays,love..etc from a young age ) a girl liked well she gives me hints she liked me ,we had this extra room in the class so I went in there to lay down because I had nothing to do at break then the girl come in and sat next to me she then touches my lips and lines over and says to me that I'm cute and that she likes me she then try's to kiss me but because I didn't know what was happening I got scared pushed her away as far as I could,she then just smiled and said "I guess I gross u out " and walked away,and know when I look back at that I feel terrible...And now I'm that girl who's fallen for another girl and I don't know if I should tell Jess how I feel or should I give up...I'm scared of what she would think of me ,would she just laugh at me and walk away,maybe never talk to me again......please help me I don't know what to do
Asked Apr 22, 2013
Tell her the truth without being too touchy. Let her go on her own way and search for the eternal truth behind her status.
Answered Apr 23, 2013
Considering the sad look she gave you as she said "as a friend", then thats a indicator for she does perhaps like you more than a friend. Find out for sure if she's bi...and by the looks of it, she is...and then tell her how you feel. If she returns the feelings you have for her, then ask her out. I hope it works out well for the both of you and good luck
Answered Jan 16, 2014

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