Red bottle.cashier said more than $5coins disregarded?

Hi, I went to a shop called red bottle on Sussex St in Sydney and paid for the long neck beers priced $13.10. I took coins from my car and gave $2*3, $1*3, 4*50 cents, 5*20cents and 10 cents to an Indian guy.
I got them anyways. However, the guy said 'would you take these coins, if you were me?', and I said ' yes I would, these coins are anyhow called money', and he responded that 'please don't bring these coins next time'.

I asked him why, n he answered that they did have a policy 'more than $5 coins un-acceptance'.

I know what the stupid question is, but I really didn't understand what he said, and I asked to get his name in order to complain about him to the manager, but he didn't tell me the name and the business card, and didn't accept an additional beer with $5 coins.

All I could do would be to go to the shop in the morning shift and give the manager the complaint. So the fundamental question is that there is any policy like this.
Furthermore, a question is how I could deal with it with the manager when I talk with him.

Asked Apr 22, 2013

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