How to kill neighbour's tree without knowing them

in my neighbour's land there is a tree near my wall. so I have small land. but they don't like to cut it. therefore I need to kill it without knowing them.
Asked Apr 21, 2013
I'm not sure. If they know you dislike the tree, you'll be suspect #1 if something happens to it.

Your next question should be how to avoid arrest for malicious destruction of property when (not if, but when) the figure it out.
Answered Apr 21, 2013
Instead of breaking the law, why don't you see if you can use the law to your advantage? Check to see if there is a city ordinance that regulates how close a tree can be to a property line, or something like that...
lol chop it off when they're out of the house
Answered Apr 22, 2013
someone else in the neighborhood would see. there'd be a witness to the crime...
he could go at night lol
amor_b Apr 30, 2013
acid,pretend your throwing water at the tree
Answered Apr 22, 2013
that would still look suspicious since it's not a normal thing for someone to do.

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