Vehicle in holding by police, please read details below.

months ago my SUV was being driven my an idividual that is now being charged with murder. my tahoe was involved which resulted in many bullett holes and windows broken out from another gunman. I don't think the case has gone to trial yet and the detectives are not helpful at all. all they have told me is that its being held by the police and I will get it back sooner 6 or later....also over the past 6 months ive had a lot of money troubles and haven't made any payments to my car note. I haven't talked to the bank because they are friends of the family and I am absolutely mortified. help!!
Asked Apr 19, 2013
Anytime you owe money and cannot pay, you should talk to the creditor. I suspect they don't want to repossess a vehicle full of bullet holes. Talk to them.
Answered Apr 19, 2013

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