Are flip phones still good

Okay I want a flip phone but everyone says there old but I think there better because you can't break the screen if you drop it and I like the feeling when you call somebody and you flip up the phone and call away so what do you think I don't want to get picked on bye people cause I have a flip phone what should I do thanks also sorry I don't know witch category this should go in
Asked Apr 17, 2013
Edited Apr 17, 2013
It's all in the eye of the beholder. If you prefer a flip phone, who cares if people say it's to old. It still works ;)
Answered Apr 18, 2013
Thanks Im getting a flip phone cause I it can last a long time
It's really old, but depends how old u are. If ur in high school, and u wanna have the phone for style rather than your personal opinion on the phone, don't get it. But if u don't care about what others think of it, go ahead!! Get one!!
Answered Apr 18, 2013
its old, seriously
Answered Apr 17, 2013
I know there old but I kinda like them cause I always drop my phone and they always crack but the flip phones protect the screen

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