Can a 15 year old love a 28 year old?

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Asked Apr 16, 2013
Only in their fantasies. Any 28 year old that dates a 15 year old is setting themselves up for serious jail time and possibly being labeled a sex offender for the remainder of their life. Try to understand why you aren't finding romantic interests your own age.
Answered Apr 16, 2013
yes but its illegal for yall to be together. trust me I know. im 16 and in love with a 26 year old and im pregnant.
Answered Apr 16, 2013
its fine aslong as you dont have sex
Answered Apr 16, 2013
Not true. Depending on where you live it could still be a very serious crime called soliciting a minor, etc.
This person specks the truth look up soliciting im 16 and I was dating a 12 year old and had to end thing because of it the bigger the age gap the wores it is sorry
Id like to see the law that says it's a crime for a minor to love an adult.. Because the question I see is "Can a 15 year old love a 28 year old?" I don't see any question concerning dating or sex, other wise I have no choice but to believe that some of you people live in fantasies...
Like Rob said... in fantasy land.

Something is wrong with a twenty-something-year-old who can't form a healthy romantic relationship with another adult and pursues teenagers instead. When someone in their twenties wants a teenager, they should see it as a red flag instead of being flattered and thinking they are so special and mature. It's a recipe for disaster.
Answered Apr 16, 2013
Edited Apr 16, 2013
not everyone is like that,if he was 33 and she was 18,it would be diffrent,some people choose to wait
We're just talking opinions here, but I think 33 and 18 is even worse... There is a wide chasm of life experiences between an 18yo and a 33yo. In my opinion, 18yos are "of age" but they aren't adults yet. They are still in between. I would still be lead to ask what's wrong with a 33yo man that can't form a healthy relationship with a 20- or 30-something year old.
yea,just being pansexual makes you see different,i appreciated youre reply and its a fair opinion
and to fall in love and being together are diffrent,if you mean feelings only it is possable
dude im dating a 22 year old and im 16 as long as we dont have sex were ok as soon as I turn 18 hell im outa here ill be with him
Answered Dec 10, 2014
Basically for all the negative people against this, anyone can love anyone else of any age, it is not a crime to fall in love with anyone of any age so if there is such a law in this world please post a link so we can all observe it, true society does look down on this kind of relationship and bullies people into believing as they do but what does society know? societies beliefs are not always right.... The reality of it all is yes a 15 year old can love a 28 year old... these negative people are over stating their own bias opinions and mentioning the law where the law doesn't apply, in the hopes that you are ignorant enough to believe in their deceitful and misleading words.
Answered Sep 24, 2015

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