Can a tracking device be tracked back to where it originated and how or who would be able to do it.

A mechanic found a traking device under my car during an oil change.
It is in a black box about the size of a deck of cards . It was blinking.
There are numbers on the outside of it. Can I trace them? How?
Asked Apr 16, 2013
A GPS tracking device is a combination GPS receiver and cell phone that doesn't ring. Whomever installed it on your car can call the number of the phone, read the GPS coordinates, apply them to a computerized map and know where that vehicle is at any time. There is no way you can work it backwards to find out who put it on there. A technician might be able to find the cell number it responds to but they usually have a lot of them on one number and use a subsequent code sequence to identify each unit. With that number you might be able to get the name of the person with a subpoena but they would not tell you otherwise.

It could have been placed there by a law enforcement agency, a partner who thinks you might be cheating, a finance company that might need to know where it is to repossess the vehicle or anyone else that has an interest in knowing where it is. My experience has been that most everybody has a good idea who might have such an interest.
Answered Apr 16, 2013

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