How long can an insurance company hold payments to an injured party?

On Jan 7, 2013 my car and 4 other cars got hit by a person who has $10.000.00 in property insurance i. e 5 cars have to split that amount for repairs to our cars. Geico is the insurance company and to this day they have still not paid out the money for repairs. Geico claims that 2 of the claims have not been sent in to them therefore we all have to wait. I have been without my car for 13 or is it maybe 14 weeks now, I lost my job because of no transportation. My question is: can an insurance sompany really do this to a person who has been wronged?
Regards // Yvonne Rask
Asked Apr 14, 2013
Geico spends so much advertising they may not have any money for claims. :-)

Let me guess... You don't have an attorney, right?
Answered Apr 14, 2013

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