I really need help! I'm scared please!

Hi. Okay so this is going to take some explaining...well I have an account on this website where you can talk to rushers (BTR fans) that just happen to be online. And one night me and this girl (I dont want to say her name so I will call her Kayla) were talking, and these people came on and started calling us awful names, and it really hurt me, but Kayla seemed like she didn't have much affense and these words seriously hurt her. She all of a sudden said "you know what would make me happy? If I killed myself" Everyone said things like "that's a stupid thing to kill yourself over" and "that is pretty dumb of you to do that" and one person said "she's gone" and I looked, and she was offline. I spent the entire night crying my eyes out! I could only hope she was still alive. The next day I checked on the website and she was online. Turns out she did not kill herself, but got extremely close. She does however, cut herself on a daily bases and I felt really worried. A couple days later I checked online, and once she was on I asked her how she was doing. She seemed really positive and turns out her boyfriend convinced her to stop cutting herself and she fell in love and smiled for the first time. I felt SOO happy for her! We talked for 3 hours straight, and became almost like best friends. I talked to her only one time after that and she was acting a little strange. It is kind of hard to explain it...she wasn't acting depressed but just sort of...different. So, every day after that I would log on to check if she was online and since she has two different accounts I would check both. She hasn't been on since. She also changed her profile so now she has no profile picture and nothing on her profile. I am TERRIFIED that she killed herself. I am just thinking that maybe her boyfriend broke up with her or something and I REALLY hope she didn't! Is there any way that I can tell? If not can you give me advice on what to do? I am desperate! She is like my best friend now, and I have no friends!! I realized she was one of those rushers who had BTR literally save their life, just like me. Please help!!!
Asked Apr 12, 2013
I really should hope for the best. I'm a belieber directioner rusher and I understand. I hope she didn't kill herself . . . :(
Answered Apr 12, 2013

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