Question on Safety and you vehicle? Theory question?

Question on Safety and you vehicle? Theory question?
1.Why should you park left with parking light on a two-way road at night at 40mph.?
2.Why is braking & steering can affect if tyres are under-inflated
3.How uneven tyres can cause faults in the braking system and the suspenstion?
4.Why it is essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly when tyres are cold.
5.How can brake fluid level cause you to crash?
6.How can harsh braking and accelerating cause high fuel consumption?
7.Catalytic converters are fitted to make the exhaust fumes cleaner why?
8.Why a catalalytic converter is is to reduce toxic exhaust gases?
9.Why is driving smoothly can reduce fuel consumption by about 15%?
10.How can motor vehicles harm the environment resulted in Air pollution, Using up natural resources & Damage to building?
11.How can you save fuel when condition allow by missing out some gears?
12.Why should you top up battery with distilled water just above the cell plates?
13.Explain why should you check engine oil level before a long journey?Eemissions on the road transport account for 20% what it means?
14.How can rapid acceleration and heavy braking can lead to increase fuel consumption?
15.Why must you use parking lights if the speed limits exceed 30mph?
16.Why is 1.6mm legal minimum tread depth over the central three quarters of its breadth?
17.How does worn shock absorbers bounces when you press down on the front wing.?
Where is the front wing located?
18.What is a steering lock?
19.What is an immobiliser?
20.What is etching the car number on the window is?
21.Why is roof rack increase fuel consumption?
22. how can roof rack waste fuel?
23.what is catalytic converter reduce exhaust emissions?
24.Why is 7mph uses more fuel than driving at same by up to 30% how do you work it out?
25.How can turning the steering wheel while your car is stationary can cause damage to the steering and the tyres?
26.How does brake fade cause the brakes to overheat?
27.What does it means by lessen the risk of your vehicle being broken into at night
Leave in a well lit areas?
28.What is eco-safe driving and it improves road safety?
29.How does accelerating when missed out some gear saves fuel?
30.Why is fuel consumption is at its highest when you are accelerating?

please help me with these hardest question I asked solve out.
This question in the book for safety and your vehicle.
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Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 08, 2013
It is hard to give all the answer here... :-(

But I got all the answer for safety related question from the blogs of Safety Signs & PPE.

Hope it will be helpful for you.. All the best..
Answered Sep 06, 2014

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