Looking for a japanese guy who can sing for my manga?

I'm looking for a guy who can sing in both english and japanese for a music manga
Here's the manga summary:

This manga is about a 15 year old girl who lives in Japan called Ritsu Haruno. She lives with her younger brother Maru and with her mother, although she hardly sees her mother (since she's always at work) and she has an older brother and afather that live in England. She is an otaku, loves manga, anime, and loves to play video games. She becomes lazy from playing so many videogames and quits the basketball team, the team is mad at her because she used to be their best player. The school forces her to enter a club, so she creates a new club with Midori and Shiro. They form a band (Gemu no Ai), Ritsu is the guitarrist, Shiro is the drummer, and Midori is the bassist. Enomoto-sensei is their club supervisor, but all he does all day is play video games. This is the story of how they spend time together playing video games and playing music, this manga also tells the story of how all guys in the school are attracted for Ritsu except for Kyousuke, the one she loves...

But as the band gets better and more seccessful new troubles appear, including a group of 3 hot guys and a DJ (Kaito: the cool and serious guy / Leon: The nice and calm guy / Yuki: The childish and cute guy / DJ Dust: the mysterious guy; some say his real name is actually Dee Jay) decide to challenge Gemu no Ai and take their spot form a boy idol band.

You can read it here:


I'm looking for 4 guys.
All of these characters have their own songs and song which they sing with others:

Shiro - one of the main characters, he's part of the band Gemu no Ai (with Ritsu & Midori); He's 17 years old, the drummer, sings about a lot of things (love, viedeo games, freedom and not so serious things); He loves video games and Ritsu

Kaito: (The main guy from the idol boy band Pureness) All the girls love him; he's cool, serious, calm, but also funny; he's kind of based on Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) - For this one I'm looking for someone who has a similar voice to Yamapi (a sexy, thickish / calm voice) and some one who doesn't mind singing a lot about love and partying, he sings a lot, he's the main one on the band pureness.

Leon: (From the band Pureness)He's super nice, calm... All girls love him too. I don't really a specific voice for this one he just has to have a calm voice, and doesn't really scream. He sings a lot about love, he sings a lot, he's the second main one on the band pureness.

Yuki: (From the band pureness) All girls love him too. He's playful, childish, a bit immature, but know his way through the music buisness, funny, etc... For this one I'm looking for someone who can "scream" but also sing calmly since he sings about love and partying.

I'm looking for some one who can sing in both english and japanese, but for the english I would like a japanese accent singing in english, I know I'm asking for a lot, but I just want this to be good.


My e-mail:
[email protected]

Please send me a link on how you sing (of you singing),
If you think you already know which character you want to be tell me :), if you don't know, no problem, I'll decide.

Just as a warning:
I can't pay you, I would give you credit for what you're doing for me (posting your names on all websites, etc..), but I can't pay you, sorry...

I know it's going to be really hard to find some one who can sing for me for free, but what the hell, I'll try.

Thanks anyways!
Riku Ayumu
Asked Apr 07, 2013
...all I can say is I love that the cool/serious guy's name is Kaito. :D

Does his last name happen to be Shion!? :D
Answered Apr 14, 2013
Even you can learn Japanese with Yomuzoku(https://www.yomuzoku.com/), an online tool for learning Japanese. And you can sing yourself.
Answered Jan 09, 2017
Edited Jan 09, 2017

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