Where does the alternator fusible link go in a 91 ltd crown victoria lx

my alternator fan hit the harness wire shorting out the fusible link or so we think. the harness wire has been resoldered to fix it but I cant find where the fusible link goes. the manuel says between the alternator and left fender apron but darn if I can see "ANY" wires here. This problem has caused my car to be completely unuseable. no power at all even when charging off someone elses car. battery and alternater have been checked with no problems.
Asked Apr 06, 2013
A "fuseable link" is a piece of wire 4 AWG sizes smaller than the rest of the wire and is installed in series with the circuit it is protecting. A 12 gauge wire would be protected with a 16 gauge fuse for example.

To install a fuseable link in a wire, you would cut the wire and attach the link wire between the two cut wires then put an insulator over the link to prevent it starting a fire when the fuse blows.
Answered Apr 06, 2013

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