How can I convince my mom I dont care to date women anymore

i used to be bisexual and I used to date women, ive had one very serious girlfriend for a year, that got mentally, verbally, emotionally, and sometimes physically abusive and I left her....anyway, now every time I speak to a woman, or a woman will come over to the house, or if I leave the house and dont say anything my mom is like was that a female, and why cant you ever bring a male home or talk to a male in the driveway, why do you always talk to women.... or shell ask why is she here, are you going to start dating her now....i said mom im not dating anyone male nor female, im single and I stay to myself, hell I dont even half leave the house.....i learned my lesson dating women the hard way....but my mom doesn't think im over can I get her to leave me alone/stop worrying about me still finding women attractive ?
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Anonymous User
Asked Apr 05, 2013
You shouldn't let one abusive woman turn you off of all women. There are all sorts of women out there, including kind and gentle ones you would like.
Just tell her.
Answered Apr 06, 2013
When someone is afraid of something, especially something they can't control, it's hard to convince them of anything... except that their worse fear will come true. Try not engaging. When she gets on the topic, just don't respond. Sooner or later... probably later... she'll catch on.
Answered Apr 06, 2013

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