Who to take to wedding?

I'm going to a wedding and don't know who to take as my +1.
I'm a girl. My ex-girlfriend is also going with her boyfriend. we had a messy break-up but we are over it now and I am still friends with her. I have 2 bestfriends, one guy one girl, but they both hate me ex.
My girl best-friend knows the couple getting married but hasn't been invited so is it impolite to bring her?
My guy best-friends doesn't know the couple, but is likely to get upset about my ex being there.
Alternatively I could ask this girl, who I like, to be my +1. but would she think its like a date?
help please.
Asked Apr 01, 2013
take the girl best friend,she sounds more knowledgeabe
Answered Apr 17, 2013
If it’s an Italian lakes wedding then leave all this confusion and take your boyfriend along if have one or else next alternative I will suggest as your cousins to keep in option as such weddings are fun & full of enjoyment so don’t spoil it be accompanying yourself with people not comfortable with at the moment.
Answered Sep 04, 2014
Ask the bride and groom if it is okay to bring a friend. If they say yes, I would bring whichever one you would have the most fun with and the one who wouldn't be upset the whole time(sounds like the girl). If she's your best friend, I'm sure she knows the situation of what is going on and would not think you were asking her on a date. If someone were to invite me to a wedding, I would never think of it as a date because it's someone else's wedding.
Answered Sep 06, 2014
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