Is he doing this because he likes me?

There's this guy in my class who I think is annoying.
He ALWAYS tries to make me laugh and he fails.
For example, I was trying to get past him, but he kept blocking my way.
And sometimes, he says things like,
It's okay, _____ you don't need to cry.
But I wasn't going to!!! I was just rolling my eyes!!!
He is INCREDIBLY annoying.
Why do you think he does this?
Thank you
Asked Mar 28, 2013
Edited Mar 29, 2013
OMG hes only trying to impress u I feel for the guy, and no hes not annoying
anon99 Nov 23, 2013
You obviously know the answer to this you just want someone else to clarify it. He likes you...
Answered Mar 28, 2013
Jus tell him to leave u alone. I don't get guys like tht, if u like a girl u shud treat her like summ valuable... like a diamond. not annoy the freakin crap outta her, lol. he might like u.
Answered Mar 29, 2013
The reason guys treat girls they like in a way that is mean or provocative is so they don't get friend zoned. If you are nice, you become friends. If you are flirty, you a) become more or b) end it then and there. Most guys who are into a girl chose the latter.
From what you said it sounds like he likes you.. :)
Answered Jun 05, 2013
You keep having people answer this, but they already told you. Kinda silly if you ask me. You sound like you are stuck in a pattern, and if you confront him, you'll have your answer.
Answered Oct 14, 2013
Might be he either, is just really annoying, or he likes you. Look out and watch if he does it to anyone else, if not, he likes you
Answered Oct 14, 2013
If you think he is annoying tell him
To walk away but if you do like him he is totally crushing on you
Answered Oct 16, 2013
Just act like you like him.
Answered Dec 13, 2013
DO NOT act like you like him... I did that with a guy at school once before and it turned into a huge mess. You shouldn't decieve people like that, you just tell them the truth and most of the time they will stop.
He is totally smitten with you. Don't break his heart. Please please answer my question its urgent :(
Answered Dec 23, 2013
He likes u
Answered Feb 16, 2014
Kick him in the nuts and say move motherfucker
Answered Feb 21, 2014
Love ur idea
That happened to me, just tell the teacher he is annoying you and stuff, but that guy kept stalking me, one time her tried to follow me home!
Answered Aug 11, 2014
He teases you and tries to make you laugh! OBVI!
Answered Aug 12, 2014
It seems like this guy likes you, but he is being kind of immature about it.
Dont get me wrong, if you are 12 it is a great way to approach girls, but since you feel annoyed I assume you are not and you dont like his childish behaviour. If I am right, then show him crearly enough that you are not interested.
But if you do like him and you just wont admitt it to yourself (because lets face it we all feel flattered when a guy is attracted to us), then show him some interest. Maybe that way he will stop acting childish and ask you out. I hope I helped.
Answered Aug 18, 2014
He doing this because he love you, he want your attentions, he want you to fall in love, he want you to notice what happening around you! Your lucky that a guy is trying to make you be his number one girl in this world!
Answered Sep 02, 2014
Its just how boys react when they like you or girls in general . When I was in the 6th and 7th grade a boy would pick on me every day I would yell at him he would stop for a couple of minutes then do it again you should be happy someone likes you
Answered Nov 18, 2014
OMG I'm dying "It's okay, _____ you don't need to cry.
But I wasn't going to!!! I was just rolling my eyes!!!"
Answered Nov 26, 2014
Hey, he likes you! I wish my crush would do that!
Sounds creepy, but the boys you hate usually turn into the boys you get a crush on.
Answered May 04, 2015
ignore him and he will go away or just be fake friendly, the kind of friendly that looks fake like when you talk to children
Answered May 06, 2015
do you like him besides his annoyingness if you look past that do you like him cuz he likes you
Answered May 12, 2015

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