How to know if a guy likes you

So theres this guy at work I like we lock eyes and smile at each other alot with a slight tiny giggle also kind of gaze in eachothers eyes kind of and the smile lasts a bit longer than normal and I do catch him watching me sometimes. The thing is we only ever say hi to each other but like I said it is a long smile its like a cheeky smile if you know what I mean. We work on different departments of the shop im on one side and hes on checkouts on the other side so dont really get to speak. I really want his number but I dont want to look weird? And I dont know if he is shy to speak bcoz wen im in shop shopping im with my friend who is a guy and I think he may think we are together? I just need more conversation and to meet out of work some time aswell. Realllly dont no wat to do please help! Does he like me? and how can I show him im interested? Thank you
Asked Mar 27, 2013
He likes you!
Go up to him and say things, like:
Hi! I'm ________
Ask him about... well, him!
And then say something like:
I wish we could talk to each other more, with work and all that.
Then give him your number.
Answered Mar 27, 2013

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