Has anyone worked for or heard of mareka investments limited?

they found me on career builder but i'm hesitant to send them more info as I can hardly find anything about them on the interent
Asked Mar 26, 2013
Im in the same boat with you.. im ckng for scam logs with their name on it. Nothing so far.
For what I can tell its a legit company, but as we know.. scammers like to use real Co. names to look legit. Ill post if I find anything. on the meantime im going to send the app bk. (just in case?)
Answered Mar 26, 2013
has anything come of this?
If you actually look into the websites that supposedly have information about this company; you will see that everything else on the site is written in code and not even real articles. Also, they were all built within the last two days. So don't send any personal information to them. Look at the "main" website and the address used for this company can not be found on google maps. Do your own research. This investment company is no company at all. Mareka? No.
Just helping anyone else who gets an email from career builder regarding this job posting.
Answered Mar 26, 2013
I got the same email and when I talked with my husband he told me that just doesn't make sense, he said to look into the countries financial status, they are going through bankruptcy, therefore why offer jobs when they can't help their own citizens???
Answered Mar 26, 2013
contacted CareerBuilder they say this sounds like a scam.
Answered Mar 28, 2013
I've already started working when I saw a link to this website. I'm not saying they are 100% legit, but my training is almost over now and I should get my first paycheck on Wednesday. By this moment I haven't noticed anything suspicious, though I will be very careful and let you guys know if something goes wrong.
Answered Mar 29, 2013
i sent the first application in and they replied with some more info. what is it that they're having you do? some of the points as to what the employee will be responsible for:
monitoring working account activity and withdrawing funds upon client request
managing client investment requests, withdrawing funds transferred by clients , helping clients transfer their investment assets to European and Asian markets
working in accordance to "trust management of cash assets agreement"
researching serviced office lease options in employee local area
acquiring office equipment and accessories for home office

this is edited down as space is limited here...
I wonder if she has gotten paid .
jose13 Apr 03, 2013
I just had the phone interview. This is a "SCAM", they ask for the numbers you’ll call from before hand, so if you call them they already know who you are when you call. 1st I called from a different number I didn’t provide them with and they didn’t answer at all. My husband said to me if you talk to them and they have an accent, it’s a scam. When I called from a number I provided them with, the guy answered and called me by name before I could get a word out. He sounded like a computer. Of course he had an accent. The guy asked 5 questions and said we’ll let you know in 24hrs if we choose you for the job. I called again from the different number and guess what, no answer. This is a "SCAM"! Don't fall for it! If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true! That’s what my mom always told me...
Answered Apr 01, 2013
Edited Apr 01, 2013
I, too, spoke with a man who had an accent and sounded very generic. He asked a few questions and said I would know something in 24 hours. After receiving the employment agreement and position overview, I sent Amanda Henderson (HR Manager) some very valid questions like how come we can't find their company on google maps and why no U.S. numbers listed at the Charlotte, NC location in addition to other questions regarding the position itself. I'm almost convinced it may be a scam. I'm also wanting to know the outcome of Susanglory's check situation...she started working for them 2 weeks ago and is expecting payment. This is going to be very interesting!
Answered Apr 01, 2013
When I had my "interview", I told the man he sounded like a computer. He said he was up late. Sounded like a voice translator to me. I too would be interested if Susanglory gets her check. And if she will receive a second one. Or will her bank account be cleaned out or identity stolen. It's pathetic we have to be so paranoid these days.
npaden Apr 01, 2013
it feels as if susanglory is in on it as there was no response to talk to someone In person about her experience... I too sent email questions to "amanda" with no response...
I have received the "call" and "agreement" as well....ugh...I was so hopeful! I could really use a job at home!
Answered Apr 02, 2013
If you look at what Susanglory wrote it came from the information pdf that they send you verbatim. In other words that post was written by someone from Mareka just to confuse the issue as to whether or not they are real. The research I have performed has turned nothing up other than their investment interest in German properties and the phone number given for their Cyprus address is not a real European nor American area code. I too have asked for more information and told them directly their website didn't work in any browser, I use IE, Chrome, Torch and FF. My guess then is they are a scam for money laundering.
Answered Apr 03, 2013
This is a scam! Don't give these fraudulent people any personal information. I sent Amanda some questions regarding the position and she or whatever the hell "it" is, couldn't answer them. I asked why we couldn't find their company address and "it" stated I must have the wrong address. I asked for a valid phone number to speak with someone and "it" said you can only contact people using the online back-office system which is a bunch of crap. I also asked "Amanda" to give me a call and the response she gave was she was too busy interviewing people for the position to call me back. More like scamming people out of their identity! Don't provide these people anything. Whomever Susanglory is (whether real or not), you're an idiot! This company does not exist and neither do you!
Yeah, I asked Amanda via email if I could talk w/ her personally to ask some questions. In response I rcvd the email requesting a phone interview. They sent me an employment agreement for the position. There is a lot of crazy clauses in there that covers them not you if anything go wrong.
kbutter Apr 04, 2013
ugh.. I have the same problem as you all... I am so torn on what to do. I have the Employment agreement, and I just cant make myself send it in.... has anyone heard for sure that this is a scam? or not?
Answered Apr 05, 2013
Yes it is a scam, Career Builder confirmed it. They are doing this for money laundering. Don't send them any information. I had to close my bank account for this same reason.
jose13 Apr 05, 2013
Don't send them any information. This is a Money Laundering SCAM!!! Career Builder confirmed this. They want you to open a bank account to you can do the "investors" transactions either by wire transfers or western union (in person) but they don't want you to use the western union online service. Please check this:
jose13 Apr 05, 2013
Don't send them any information. This is a Money Laundering SCAM!!! Career Builder confirmed this. They want you to open a bank account to you can do the "investors" transactions either by wire transfers or western union (in person) but they don't want you to use the western union online service. Please check this:
Answered Apr 05, 2013
i Too was contacted via career builder and heard the (speak and spell ) voice on the interview and yes at first I missed the call then I returned it and I said some one called me he knew my name he was foriegn I got the app but where are the I-99 and w-2 and really it dawned on me who sets up a backdoor home base without a face 2 face interview...so I contacted them again via email with theses post just a few minutes ago and tomarrow im contacting the FBI to see if they heard of them because the BBB has no record th S&P has no record and the realtor investor buerau nothing so I sure its a scam but after I contact the fbi ill be sure to send a post....they did give me an office location in orlando fl where my so called supervisiors office is but no number no street address so ill keep you all posted
Answered Apr 05, 2013
Yes this is a scam they are trying to do Money Laundering from the info they gave me.


They are trying to get your personal info. The only asked me for my checking account info. Which I did not give them I told them they would have to mail me my checks. they stopped talking to me at that time.

IF you GAVE THEM YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT INFO CLOSE THAT ACCOUNT ASAP. now that they have your checking account info they can charge whatever they want to it. and you will say bye bye to your cash.

I contacted the police but they cannot do anything until some offense has happened. So no luck there.
Answered Apr 08, 2013
oMGEEEE this happened to me also. contacted through careerbuilder, from Amanda, had phone interview, sent app via email. Now I feel bad for sending back all my personal info. What made me come across this blog was after I did all that darn questionaire on the back office site it wouldnt let me upload my direct deposit form so I googled how to upload it on mareka inv. limited and came across this ... WOW must been God not letting it upload!!!... omge Im glad I didnt quit my damn job
Answered Apr 08, 2013
Edited Apr 08, 2013

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