Can I rearrange letters and greek letters to avoid trademark/coyright problems?

I want to create a t-shirt design. The people I would try to sell to are in fraternities, however my shirts would not say SAE or ΣAE in order. For example, would if be legal to have a shirt that says "LΣTS HAVE FUN" where the ΣAE letters are a different color? In viewing the shirt people would be able to tell from the highlighted letters that its referring to the fraternity, but I don't think there's a law against this? Also, if the shirt were to say, for example, "LΣTS RAGE" or "WΣ HAVE PARTIES," in which only the ΣAE are different colors again, would these be legal? Because now the saying refers to drinking or partying, which fraternities could potentially claim is hurting their reputation. However, I think it could also be considered a parody?

Bottom line: If I arrange fraternities letters in other words (not right after each other) and highlight those letters, is it legal? In selling the T-shirts I would say "greek tee" or "Have Fun tee" and not name any fraternities..
Asked Mar 25, 2013

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