I made a moral mistake

i made a mistake in my life. when the only guy I loved was gettn married, I found a friend who offerd moral support bt fell in love wid me meanwhile. coupled with a borken hrt, I had many other prblkms too and soon relied on the relief and love he gave me. the mistake is that during 2 or 3 of our videochat sessions I gave in to his request to see me naked. nw we r together no more I was only 17 at that time but I feel soo gulity. recently I love someone else and he loves me too which makes me guiltier but am I technically doing wrong? I didnt cheat him , did i? I pray to God for forgivness, bt I cant forgive myself. pls help. do u all think I am a bad person with no hope?
Asked Mar 24, 2013
Welcome to the world of "imperfectionists." :-)

We all make mistakes. It's when we make the same mistake more than one time that we should be concerned. Don't punish yourself for being human. It sounds like you've learned so it's OK. Just relax and move on with your life.
Answered Mar 24, 2013
I agree 100%.

Stop beating yourself up. You make a mistake. You recognize that. Now, stop feeling guilty and allow yourself to move on. There will soon come a time when you don't even remember this.
Thank you so much for replying, it means a lot. I keep drowning in sorrow and guilt and even decided not to be with this guy I love because he deserves someone better. Its hardest to forgive ourselves but I'm trying..
Peace and blessings.
You havent done anything wrong towards that guy.the which you did was in the past,for which you are repenting now and know the thing which you did was mistake and it is over.you relax yourself and hang with your boyfriend and others to forget about this thing and moveon.if you can tell this happening to your boyfriend,if he doesnt mind about then you are the lucky person.
Answered Mar 25, 2013

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