Science outbreak?

I have just had the most weirdest dream ever but the weirdest thing was that I was able to read in the dream! I didn't know what it said until I read it and I read it twice and it still made sense, it said the same thing both times I read it and didn't turn into gibberish!!! Is this normal?!?

Details: well I was walking up to the church and I saw my grandma standing there. I went up to her and she made me hold her hand, suddenly we were whisked into the church, like teleportation and she explained to me that she'd not long died and that she was going to show me what it is like to be dead. well we went up to this really old house that i'd never seen before, it was a meeting place for everyone in the 'death dimension'. Everyone was really nice and I made friends with an old lady and her husband. I even saw my sister who had apparently died about the same time as my nan. my sister was texting one of her friends and was showing me her conversation and saying that her text wasn't sending. I remember reading the convo and her friend had the same name as me, I literally read my name and the message status saying that sending failed and to retry sending later. I went to give her phone back and she asked if the message has been sent now, I read it again and it still said the same thing, I gave her back her phone and told her to try resending it later and that maybe her phone is switched off. I went back out up to my parents house but they weren't there then suddenly all my family where there and saying look theres jen, then they went again. then I realized that they were seeing me as a ghost so I sort of made myself change dimension to living and then I saw them all and told them that my sister is dead and they said that they knew. Thing is my nan and my sister are still alive, but the feeling of being dead in the dream was so peaceful it is unexplainable
Asked Mar 23, 2013
Edited Mar 28, 2013
Unless you've had a sleep study completed and the Dr. can see what is going on in your dreams, then I would say see a Dr. who can have a sleep study ordered. We dream hundreds of times a night even if we don't remember what it is we dreamed of. Who knows maybe that dream and what you've read has a significance upon your life or what you believe in. :)
Answered Mar 26, 2013
well I don't have a religion but in the dream I was experiencing what happens after death, it was fantastic! so much inner peace! if death is like what it was in my dream then I no longer have anything to worry about
Could you please describe your dream in detail?
i have put in details in the question description because it was too long to put in the comment box.

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