Am I overreacting about everything?

I am 9 years old and I have a pretty good life. I have tons of friends but they are always getting in fights and I am too. I wrote a letter to myself saying that I was afraid that my friends would turn in me soon and no one cares for the talents I actually have. My friend saw it and now whenever we're in a fight she refers to it and says, "you got it good." Sure, she was harassed on the Internet and she is bullied everyday, but that is just her. What about all of my other friends? Also, she has been hanging out with my crush alot, tried to hold his hand, and hugs him alot. Already 3 times this week!!!!!!!! And the third time he hugged her instead of her hugging him!!!!! The more I write about this the more I want to cry. My friends are in fights all the time, my crush probably thinks I'm crazy (my friend talks with him about her problems and has already managed to make him hate my other friend and I like to talk alot in class and I am sort of crazy but I'm not sure it's THAT bad), and I end up crying myself to sleep sometimes because I know my crush doesn't like me the way I like him. What should I do? If you can help me than I would really need to thank you. I need help so bad in this situation.
Asked Mar 20, 2013
I would suggest getting involved in other activities at school, and getting to know another set of friends. When there's this much negativity in a group of people, that's a sure sign that being in the group isn't working.
Answered Mar 21, 2013

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