I need advice advice please?

Is it good to split up with someone you love because you know that you really can't have a normal life with them?lets say the person is a good person but having a normal life with them would be impossible because they don't work,don't drive.their homeless and they want you to take care of them what do you think?
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Asked Mar 20, 2013
If you love him or her then try to help that person but not to the point of hurting your self. Like help them find a job so they can get a car. Dont waist your time if there not even going to accept the job though
Answered Mar 20, 2013
This doesn't sound good... and by good, I mean equitable. I think there's nothing wrong with seeing a partner through a rough time. I'm all for that. But looking for someone to take care of you is something very different.

If he isn't willing/able to rise up (with a little help from agencies, friends, etc.), then you're looking at spending your life with an adult child, not an adult. When you need help... and at some point we all do... you're going to be very angry and disappointed that he can't/won't be a support for you after all you've provided for him.

It's your call... but I would say help him get connected with assistance if you like, wish him well, then make a graceful exit.
Answered Mar 27, 2013
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