Please help, I need advice.

My fiancee had a dream that I left him for my ex. He woke up and decided on his own to change. That he had been taking me for granted, that he had been selfish and not giving me attention or love and respect for a while.

This WAS really how I felt. I confessed that I had been thinking about my ex and had been feeling old, frumpy and alone in our relationship for the past several months since we moved in together.

Now he is on his best behavior. He is doing chores, buying me gifts and being affectionate for the first time in a while. I want to give him a chance, because he has decided to change on his own. But part of me is afraid he will just be on his best behavior until we get married this summer and then will go back to his old ways. because of how hard things have been for a while, I have very little feelings for him right now.

Is it wise to postpone the wedding and wait to see what happens? Or should I go through with the wedding and trust he will be different? And how do I stop thinking about my ex who I have a very natural and strong love for?
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Anonymous User
Asked Mar 19, 2013
Your relation with this guy is in kind of a breakpoint,so its better you postpone the wedding,definetly lot people change after marriage.just wait for sometime and see if he really has changed.if you feel love for your ex then that means you are not happy with this I would really breakup with him
Answered Mar 20, 2013

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