I Think My Mom Hates Me

Ever scene my mom got her new job, she has been working all the time. Me and her never get to spend time together any more. She is off every Friday and Saturday and she gets paid every 2 weeks on Friday. I know she doesn't like to go anywhere when she doesn't have any money so I ask her if we can go shopping or something when she does get paid and she always says no. Today she yelled at me saying how I only ask her for things when she gets paid and how all I want is for her to spend her money on me. She gets mad at me when I ask for the littlest things. I asked her for some bubble gum one time and she get so mad at me and told me that I'm wasting her money. I only ask her for things because my brother gets EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. And then there is me who gets hardly anything. It does make me mad but I don't ever say anything because I don't want to make her mad. I just feel like she hates me. I don't know what to do any more and I need someones opinion, does she actually hate me.. or what...? :'(
Asked Mar 15, 2013
When you expect someone else to supply your bubblegum you will most often be disappointed. Do your schoolwork. Learn as many skills as you can. That way you can make lots of money and buy yourself anything you want.
Answered Mar 15, 2013
I cant get a job. I'm 13... and me and her never spend anytime together, and she doesn't like to talk to me when she gets home from work.
Nobody is expecting you to get a job at 13. I'm saying the more you learn, the faster you can get out on your own. Some young people are still home living with their parents at 25 years old because they didn't pay attention to what really counts when they were in school.
Rob Mar 16, 2013
It's hard to support a family, and these days it's even more difficult for many families. It sounds like your mother is STRESSED about bringing in money, and it probably makes her panic when she sees money going out so quickly... and your asking for things probably triggers that panic and frustration.

How about this: Give her a hug and tell her you appreciate everything she does, provides, and sacrifices for you. Tell her you miss her, and you suggest going shopping because you want to spend more time with her... then suggest that you maybe go for a walk or watch a movie on tv together. Propose something free.

Even if it seems like your brother gets everything he wants, be the big girl in the situation. Be the one who doesn't demand so much of your mother, and she'll appreciate you more for that. You're 13. You're old enough to take on more responsibility around the house. If you really want to help improve your relationship with your mother, put on some big girl pants, demand less of her, and help her more. She'll appreciate your maturity, trust you more, and that can only do good things for how you two interact.

... and do what Rob says.
Answered Mar 16, 2013
you just need love of your parent! just understand her she is working hard for your future a very good future so make your mom be proud at u do some homework always do your responsibilities at home, always help your mom and give her your sweetest smile. shes just stressed! do something to make her happy or ask anything to make her happy not about shopping or like this or that...then if she still gets mad at you u can leave her alone for a while so that she could rest.your mom loves thats why shes working hard for u ! if your brother is getting all he want..well be patient do something good always make her happy and do what she always like dont waste money. hope that could help I suppose to give more but im tired :D :)
Answered May 01, 2013
It seems like your mom is a religious person. They usually prefer boys to girls since their god is a male entity. I have seen this happen in many homes, the girl is ignored and mistreated and the boy is pampered. Its really sad. Could you please ask your mom why she treats you so badly and your brother so nicely? Tell her this is making you feel very unhappy. I feel very bad for you and hope things work out for you. Please keep us posted through this site.
Answered Apr 30, 2013

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