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I have son who is 22 who has lived with me and my husband for 22 years in the house. Its a long story but recently after leaving once because of cheating with someone else he has come back for the second time as I have agreed to try and sort things out. We have all been living with each other for 4 months now however things have turned sour and he doesnt want to be with me which I accept and we both want are willing as said that we will sort things out e.g putting the house up for sale. The main problem is that he doesnt like my 22 year old son and has told him today that he wants him out the house until everything has sold up. Obviously I want my son to stay and have said that he wont be going anywhere however he is adamant he wants him out the house and has said to him that he has a week to find somewhere else to live otherwise he will throw out all his possessions out onto the drive in 1 weeks time. Im obviously saying hes going nowhere. He has lived here all his life, and when hes had a job he has payed income (board) to live here. What are my rights as I own half the house and half of everything. I dont want my son to go but need a way or to know my rights of him staying with me.

Asked Mar 15, 2013
I don't know about the UK but in the US, you can get a "pendente lite" (Pending litigation) hearing where the judge sets temporary parameters until all of the issues are worked out. I'm sure the UK must have something like that since our laws are based on English Common Law. I suspect you may need to talk to a lawyer there.
Answered Mar 15, 2013

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