Why does my fish go to the surface of water and gasp constantly?

My fish is a commet goldfish. Its nick name is Baddy Baddy. Its been with me for 1 week. It lives in a 1/2 gallon bowl. In the bowl I have some gravel, a pink plastic plant, and a small powdery treasure chest (i dont know if the treasure chest affects the water, but it seems to erode). I clean the water every 2-4 days. I add oxygen to the water every 1-2 hours with a turkey baster. I feed my fish 3 times a day ( at 6:40-7:00am, 3:40- 4:00pm, and 10:20- 10:55pm). A couple of days ago I fish-sat for one of my friends. She also has a commet goldfish. Her fish had a habbit of going to the surface and gasping. They were in separate fish bowls. Her fish's bowl was next to mine so I think my fish mightve seens her fish do it and is now copying, because it didnt do that before I fish-sat.
Asked Mar 12, 2013
Edited Mar 12, 2013
I'm no ichthyologist, but my guess is still oxygen. Try a larger bowl and proper air pump and filter. Don't forget oxygen saturation varies with water temperature, so maintain a constant, comfy temp.

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Answered Mar 13, 2013

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