How do I use descriptive statistics in the situation below?!

A financial institution is collecting data to better understand the profiles of its current employees. Such information would be essential for 1) an evaluation of the current hiring practice; 2)understanding the mechanism of determining salary; 3)looking into possible discrimination against certain gender or age groups in order to avoid future lawsuits. The measurements involve the variables below. It would be useful to use descriptive statistics, both graphical and numerical, to describe these variables, and to help meeting the objectives of the current study as indicated above.

NSAL: Salary at the time of study
SSAL: Salary at the time of hiring
SEX: 0 = male; 1 = female
SENIOR: Number of months with the company
AGE (in months) at time of hire
EXP: Months of work experience
EDU: 1 = high school graduate; 2 = some college; 3 = college graduate
Data on the above variables are obtained for 111 employees (data on the "data" worksheet)
Asked Mar 11, 2013

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