To stop my addiction.

I started masturbating 3 years back and also watches porn at same time,i have been addicted to it very much.but due to my relegious beleif I stopped watching porn, but cant stop masturbation,i controlled the urge for nearlly 3 weeks,but now started the habit once more,please give some tips for stopping this habit,afraid that will be addicted once more.
Asked Mar 11, 2013
If you think you're doing it too often, you could set yourself on a schedule to reduce it. Instead of three times a day, do it once. Then instead of once a day, do it once every other day, then once every to days. Something like that. You can find a healthy balance where you can do that and still fulfill all your obligations and responsibilities in life. If you want to stop completely, then find another activity you can do when you feel triggered to do things you don't want to do. Maybe do pushups, or go for a job, or jumping jacks, or go for a walk. Try some other physical activity.
Answered Mar 11, 2013
Get a girlfriend.
Answered Mar 27, 2013
To stop your addiction problem or get rid of your drug addiction, you need to visit any reputed drug addiction center near you like: .

Self medication can't help you and proper supervised medical care is essential to stop your addiction.

Drug addiction is an illness that not only affects the life of the individual addicted but also many friends and family members. As with all addictions it can affect individuals from all walks of life. Drug addiction can cause great changes in behaviour making the user unpredictable and in some cases dangerous. Ultimately the symptoms are the same and the user is driven to find ways and means to get more drugs regardless of the consequences. The user does not need to have a physical dependency to have a problem but will be obsessed by the need to use more. In most cases, drug use will lead to paranoia, depression, erratic behavior and a physical addiction. The nature of the illness unless treated will lead to repeated attempts to stop using followed by repeated relapse. It is a life threatening condition that claims many lives on a daily basis.
Answered Jan 01, 2019

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