What are some Monkey Quest Free unused membership codes?

I play Monkey Quest! but I cant do any quest anymore because I am not a freaking member! I mean seriously its in the name Monkey QUEST but what do they expect me to do? Explore? I need answers I tried asking members I was like do u have a pass they were like yea but I am not giving it to anybody no member gives up anything that valuble! UNFAIR! I need answer kinda like.. NOW! Plz
Asked Mar 09, 2013
Edited Mar 09, 2013
What's UNFAIR is expecting people to go to work work every day creating entertaining games for you without getting paid for their work. You can always learn something about programming and make your own version of Monkey Quest. Stealing the product of someone's mind is no different than stealing the product of their hands.
Answered Mar 09, 2013
Edited Mar 09, 2013
umm.. ha! well thats what happend to me too I strugled. ouff! I need to go to jade mountain but whyyyyyyyyyyy! like they trap you and say give us REAL PERSONAL MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!. but my parents say ouff tuff work why should we pay money.$ 9.99 somthing in just a MONTH! wow! I cant bealive the poor notmembership peaple umm.. sorry guys cant be a member freely thats unfair do you have any questions?
Answered Mar 30, 2013
What's unfair is as Rob said. People expecting everything to be free. I know it's just a game, but someone had to go to all that work to create that game coding, and they did not just do it to cater to your needs. They did it to get money. If you don't wanna pay, don't play.
i understand that feeling...but why the quest is locked too?
i mean, why its called "monkey quest" when its actually mean "half monkey quest".
free user dont have fun in this game if they reach high level
Answered Aug 12, 2013

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