In Florida, are medical costs of service dog covered by the workers comp if physicians recommended?

i worked and continue to live in florida. I was totally disabled 13 years ago in workers compensation covered accident in florida. income is from social security disabiliy benefits. workers comp covers medical related to the wc related disablung injury. my wc physicians ordered disabilty service dog due to my falling and other physical challenges. acquired service dog 6 years ago and I pay for all his expenses, including medical. did not request workers comp about covering expenses, but wc knows I have the dog and physicians recommendations for service dog, as I didn't even think wc would was required to cover dog as medical expense. if is covered, can I request past dog's 2 surgeries required in last 2 years totaling about $1800? first surgery result of attack by another dog; second surgery was to remove growth thought to be cancerous. thank you.
Asked Mar 09, 2013
Doesn't it make sense to apply to the Workman's Compensation insurance for reimbursement to see what their response would be? If they turn you down then pursue your options based on their reasons for why the claim was denied.
Answered Mar 09, 2013

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