Can you give me advice on what to do with this girl I like?

We only have two classes together(high school) and we only really talk in one. She said i'm funny and when something else funny happens she always looks at me when shes laughing, I think we have a similar sense of humor. Anyways, were both seniors and prom is coming up but do you think it would be weird if I asked her being that we've only started getting to know each other a few months ago? My only problem is that we go to a small school and if she said no everyone would know in literally a day.
Asked Mar 08, 2013
If you really like her you won't mind everyone knowing that you asked her.
Answered Mar 09, 2013
Go for it... I suggest you to make her laugh first then ask her as a gentleman,
The laughter gives her a better mood and makes you less nervous and the "asking as a gent" shows her that you are a MAN.
Hope it's useful... Good luck !
Answered Mar 14, 2013

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