Can I get this ticket dropped or am I guilty?

i got a ticket contrary to trespass to property act the offence of engage in prohibited activity on premises while smoking a joint on break at work because I didnt tell him I was at work but I have proof I was working
Asked Mar 06, 2013
Sorry, guilty.
Answered Mar 06, 2013
Proof that you were working does not say that you had permission to be at the location where the trespass took place. You would likely beat the trespass charge if the owner of the property is willing to testify that you had permission to be there.
Answered Mar 06, 2013
But I do have permission to be on the premises since im a hired employee or does that not count?
Being an employee doesn't mean you have access to all of the property your boss owns. For example, being the janitor at the bank doesn't help you when you're caught inside the vault. The question the court will decide is whether you had authorization to be where you were. You need a witness who can answer that question.
Rob Mar 09, 2013

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