Help plz im so confused

so recently my boyfriend and I havent been intimate at all I was really starting to feel like he isnt attrcted to me :( so then I start thinking he was cheating one me but tonigght when I got home from work he was watching porn I mean porn really !!! I feel so hurt and like he is no longer attracted to me :( I need some oppinions on how I should hadle it or what im really hurt and feel so depressedright now
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Asked Mar 06, 2013
Anyone who watches porn is not serious about real life and real relationships... they are lost in looney land. How much do you really love this guy. If not much then leave him for someone else who is more into real lovemaking not porn shows. Hope you find someone like that is it goes really well for you... take care :)
Answered Mar 28, 2013
While I'm not crazy about porn, I don't think watching it automatically makes someone not serious about real life of real relationships.

Anyway, it seems like the two of you have a real communication issue.

Talk *with* him (not *at* him) in a calm, non-accusatory voice about what you're feeling and try to reach a common understanding about why things are the way they are, what you'd both like, and how to get there.
Answered Mar 28, 2013
maybe you need to spice things up in that department
Answered Mar 28, 2013
Next time you're getting intimate, try some dirty talk and ask him what he wants you to do to him, or ask him what he would like to do to you. I wouldn't feel offended at all, men watching porn is perfectly normal if done in moderation. It's when he relies on porn to get off that he has an issue
Answered Dec 30, 2013

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