I am a straight girl with a crush on my bi friend what should I do?

I am a straight/confused girl who has a really good friend (girl) who is bi. I have been really good friends with her since 7th grade and I am in 9th now. Anyway she is a flirt like with everyone she is very touchy feelly. Sometimes she jokingly calls me her girlfriend and we are very cuddly and she and I have said we love each other mutable times. She told me + our group of friends that she was bi in the fall. Now she is open about it to anyone. Then about 5 of my friends and I got drunk and her and I kissed twice. I believe she kinda made the first move idk. She tried to talk about I the next day but I said to drop it. it has not been bought up since then. I am now starting to like her what should I do?!?
Asked Mar 05, 2013
Nothing... until you're sure you could really date a girl. Give it some time to see if it's just a little crush that will pass, otherwise you risk really hurting her (falling for a girl who turns out to be straight who is just experimenting on her would be hell for your friend). You could lose a close friend, and altar the dynamics of the whole group for nothing.

Give yourself time to be sure...

...and making out while you're drunk is sloppy. Everybody can like someone drunk. That's when people make their WORST decisions. How do you feel sober?
Answered Mar 05, 2013

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