What is my vocal range and how many octaves do I have?

Today, I did this vocal warm-up on the computer, just to see where my range is. Depending on how well I warm up, my lowest note is an E2 but other times it's usually an F2. My highest note is always the E6 (I can definitely hit that note). Like I said earlier, depending on how well I warm up: Sometimes I can sing four notes higher than the E6. My question is what is my range? From F2-E6 or from E2-E6? With E2 and F2 being my low notes? (Also what would my range be with the four additional notes? I know I can definitely sing the E6, the F6 and the G6 along with the two notes that come afterwards. (Sorry, I usually forget the next two notes). What would be my range stemming from E2 or F2 all the way up to those high notes? I’m so confused, can someone please help me? I would greatly appreciate it :)
Asked Mar 04, 2013

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