Series 3 landrover 1978 diesel,

I have a series 3 land rover diesel and it wont start without a jump start.
bought new glow plugs still doesn't start . starter motor and alternator are wired correctly and. Even if the battery is fully charged it still runs flat when trying to start it. can anybody help many thanks , Kris
Asked Mar 04, 2013
ok thanks alot rob I will keep you updated to let you know how I get on , many thanks , Kris ;)
kwswapp Mar 05, 2013
Diesels require more power to turn them over because of the higher compression. If it will start with a jump and will not start from your battery, that sounds like the battery is not producing enough cold crank amps to start it. It could also mean that the oil is too thick for the temperature where you are. Make sure you are using the recommended oil weight for your temp range if you are in a cold climate.
Answered Mar 04, 2013
thanks a lot rob. well yes I live in Scotland so that says alot haha. do you have a land rover ?
also I will speak to my dad about it he is a mechanic
any other reasons why ?
kwswapp Mar 05, 2013
Years ago I ran a fleet of tractor trailers and logged some diesel experience from that. We put block heaters on them that inserted a heating element into the water jacket. You plugged the heater into an electrical outlet overnight to keep the oil warm and they would start OK in cold weather. It takes a lot more battery to start a diesel anyway and when they get cold it becomes worse.

Don't own a Land Rover. I drive a Jeep Wrangler that will qualify for antique license tags in two more years. :-)
Rob Mar 05, 2013

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