Can anyone tell me the name of this Japanese Anime movie?

I cannot remember the name of this movie but here is all I can think of.

In the beginning an old woman who is being interviewed about her past is telling the following story about herself as a young girl.
In a snowy town a girl meets a man in heavy coats and a hat.
I know that the man is a painter. He gives the girl a necklace and then they don't see each other for years. They meet again the man is going off to jail. The girl was in a huge war and the king died so she tried to kill herself but a witch casted a spell on her (not howls moving castle) They depart again.
The man died in jail but the girl was still looking for him and had no idea he died.
At the end of the movie she went to the moon and found a painting there.
Then it goes back to the present where she is old and she has a heart attack and dies and goes to heaven and finally sees the man again.

That's all I can remember.
Asked Mar 04, 2013
The movie you're looking for is probably Millenium Actress by Satoshi Kon. Maybe you already found it since you asked this question more than a year ago, haha.
Answered Jun 18, 2014
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Answered Sep 22, 2016

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