Snake dream interpretation?

I had a dream about snakes and really need some advice. Currently, I am engaged. I love my fiancee but, I have an ex who I feel is my soulmate who lives pretty far away. I have been battling with myself about what to do, who to stay with. To take the practical choice and stay with my fiancee, who I know is a stable choice. Or to follow my heart and risk everything to be with my soulmate, I know he feels the same about me but he is by nature not a “sure thing” type of person.

In my dream I was where my ex lives and I was being chased by rattlesnakes. I looked at a map in my dream and where I live did not have many snakes listed, but where he lives there were 2 kinds of scary snakes. This is geographically true in real life, also. At one point I think my ex was trying to save me from the snakes, or I really wanted him to. My fiancee was not in the dream. What do you think this means??Does it offer any clues about what I should do?
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Asked Mar 02, 2013
It's very rare that dreams actually have meanings. I once had a dream that all of the Super Mario characters were marching down my bookshelf and then out of my house, into the distance. I've also had dreams where I've been on adventures with fictional characters, killed some of my closest friends (even though they hadn't done anything wrong in reality), I even had a dream where I fell in love with a mosquito called Alan! :P None of these dreams had meanings; they were nothing more than just my brain playing tricks on me. The Super Mario one was probably because I had been playing it all day and my brother had done an impression of a marching soldier that day.

You don't have to be completely concious to what's going on around you for your brain to be influenced. For example, you may have heard or seen, but not registered in your brain, something about snakes. And as for the location, dreams often take place in familiar settings or places that you have been to, maybe once or twice.

If you still feel that your dream means something, then you're clearly not over your ex. It's unfair on your current partner if you're still thinking about your ex. However, you may get hurt if your ex doesn't take you back... it's a tough world, mate.
Answered Mar 02, 2013

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