Does a rattlesnake, under difficult circumstances, constrict to save itself?

To those knowledgeable on the subject: If a rattlesnake tries to strike to inject venom into the trespasser, but the trespasser happens to, by some miracle, to catch the snake in a safe way before it bites, will the rattlesnake constrict the arm to make the trespasser let go? I know it is a surreal scenario, but just humor me, please. Thank you!
Asked Mar 02, 2013
When held at the back of it's head, a rattler may attempt to wrap around a person's arm to gain enough traction to get away but it is not doing it to try to kill the way a constrictor would do. Rattlers kill their prey by immobilizing them with venom.
Answered Mar 02, 2013
Edited Mar 02, 2013

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