Can anyone describe this scene for me?

Please somone help, this book writer needs help.. I'm writing a book about a Man entering a mansion, and finding out new thing he never knew about himself. In this scene, he finally gets to the mansion but I can't describe it. All I got is "As Rick slowly get's out of the car, Geo was unable to move himself. Unable to form words to what his eyes were seeing now. It was the Mansion, the biggest one he's ever seen, and surprisingly his very first." Geo has never seen anyone so rich. The mansion (in the picture) is a magical new place. But I can't describe it. It's wonderful to his eyes. I need help. It's night in the story. I need anyone to give it they're best shot. Be in Geo's and Rick's place. And it's somewhere outside of London so it's windy and cold. Just describe Mansion. And it's Rick's mansion. So he's happy to see Geo's reaction, because Rick doesn't have many guests and he likes to show off. And yeah Geo's drunk at the same time. He Can walk but he kinda trips up sometimes. His face is blushing red and hot. And walks kinda slow. He has brown kinda dark short mop top hair and a kinda unibrow, brown eyes, classy gray suit, and black leather boots on. Rick is short and has beautiful blue eyes, pale gray skin, A kinda big nose, and hes wearing a classy black suit with black leather boots on as well (different style.), brown kinda light mop top hair. And while they both talk, Sometimes it's hard to understand. Both men have a British accent. But Geo's is stronger.
Asked Feb 28, 2013
Edited Feb 28, 2013
It towers above him strong and proud. the ivy curls around the towers and creepers wind up the red brick building. a curtain flutters in the wind out of the open window.
Answered Jul 17, 2013
stuff like dat

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