Am depressed?

Am a freaky n a jolly kind of character. I love friends. Love to enjoy with them. I had lot of good friends n one best friend in school. Then I joined college. The same kind of enthusiasm I had. I use to dance sing pull others to laughter n each n every minute I enjoyed my time. A girl in my batch started admiring me. She wanted to have my friendship. She was a rude kind. Al use to curse her but as usual I just supported. I never hate anyone. I do everything for my friends without any expectations. I help them at any cost. In the same way I started my friendship with her. A time came when she started totally depending on me. She started telling others like she doesn't want marriage n have to live the entire life with me. She likes to talk n sleep with me. While sleeping she hold me tightly as if she never wanted to get away from me. I was annoyed. Almost a year went like this. Then I started avoiding her voluntarily. I dint have any other choice because I don't know how to make her realize the realities. Started avoiding outings, casual chattings n sleeping with her but I was helping her out of times. I had been elected in good post in my hostel and college council. I was very busy with my works in organising cultural, fests, meetings and allrounder. Then I noticed a drastic change in her. Two years went as such. Entered my final year in college. I saw a drastic change within her. She had lot of friends around her. She inspired n impressed her roommates with her kindness and helping tendency. I was amazed. All went around her. The place where she stays will always burst with laughter with her funny speeches. I started feeling desperate n loniliness. I felt like missing her. I told her that on one fine day. Then we started to be with the same closeness but u know she was completely independent and started loving n helping everyone in turn. I lost my friends n she gained them. She is telling me like “Am very thankfull to God for sending you to me n its because of u I learnt what is hurt, disappointments, avoidance an pain and now I got a new life and I wish to give love to everyone. No one in this world should be a sufferer.”
From then onwards I lost my confidence, happiness n everything in my life. I don’t know whether am jealous on her or possessive over her but some kind of confusions. My college is over now. She is still in my contact. Infact we are now closer than before but I lost peace in ly life. I never told this to her or to anyone. I just behave as normal as I was before but am not so. I under mental torture. I cant avoid her now but being with her is also lik being a sinner. Am under guilty conscious. Am totally depressed. I don’t know what has happened to me. But definitely am going to be a mental one day. I want to regain my happier life. Please help me out?
Asked Feb 28, 2013
Exact same with me, and I'm depressed, so id say so
Answered Mar 30, 2013
I am depressed too and I want to let you know you are not alone.
How about picking a day when you're sad to go out and have a drink and buy stuff.
Answered May 09, 2013

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