Is there any hope for a 20 year old girl, Mormon, and gay?

Lesbian! Anyone out there like me?
Asked Feb 28, 2013
Edited Feb 28, 2013
you are who you are, the world talks about not discriminating but yet they still do, you dont choose to love a woman it just happens, just like guys dont choose to untimately love guys because they get so much shit for it, be yourself though, if the people around you love you they will have to support you. ive turned many girls and their parents hate me but they still love them , it takes a couple months to get over though
Answered Feb 28, 2013
Thanks :) I am going to be me, and people who can't handle the real me can fuck off. I like girls too much to let other people get in the way lol thanks

Here's a link to Affirmation, and Mormon lgbt organization:
Answered Feb 28, 2013
Thank I'll check it out :)

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