Can gonnoherea be dorment for years or contracted without having sexual contact

I have been with my boyfriend for more than 4 years and we have a one year old child, recently he went to the hospital for pain while urinating, 2 days later they call and say he has gonorrhea... I felt no signs or symptions but went to the hospital a day after he got this news to get tested, I was told by the triage nurse that once you have it it will never go away and stays dorment until the next flair up, she said that it could lay dorment for years with no symptoms. Now he says he has not done anything sexual with anyone, and never cheated, along with I had gotten tested while I was pregnant for all stds and came up negative, so my logic tells me even if he could have had it from 4 years ago, It would have shown up on my lab. Now the doctor who saw me at the hospital was young and was the same who saw my partner, he told the same as the triage nurse that it could have been from 4 years ago and about my lab while pregnanr he said I could have just been lucky and not caught it.... He did say that the nurse was wrong about it being in you forever and that you would have flair ups. So I got treated for everything and I'm waitng for my results. Well I got home and immediately called my obgyn who I have been seeing for more than a decade, she calls me back and says that no it cannot lay dorment for that long, that they were wrong and she reminded me that she had worked at an std clinic for many years, she said that symptoms do not lay dorment for more than a month an that he had to have gotten it from sexual contact.... Meaning he is lying and he cheated. So I called planned parenthood, woman's clinic, std hotline. Who all proceeded to tell me the same as my obgyn, then I called the hospital back hoping to speak with the doctor who treated me and told me that yes it could be dorment for years, the same triage nurse picked up the phone and asked me what my question was for the doctor, she then said yes it can be dorment without signs for years and that she had been a nurse for more than 30 years and does not know why my obgyn would tell me the opposite. Well my question is, could it have been dorment for years and he contracted it from an ex and not show signs, was it possible that if he did have it from years ago, that it did not show up on my lab while I was pregnant.... If he did just contract it, is there anyway that he is telling the truth by saying that he did not cheat on me and does not know how he caught it, could he have gotten it without cheating on me ?!?!
Asked Feb 27, 2013
The nurse has gonorrhea and syphilis confused. If untreated gonorrhea does not become dormant. It will become a horrible nightmare but once it is successfully treated with antibiotics, it goes away and will not return unless you are re-infected. The infection is passed by sexual contact.

Syphilis on the other hand, produces a small painless chancre (sore) at the start that goes away in a short while and becomes dormant. Unless it its detected on a blood test or a STD screening test it can stay in your system, unnoticed, often for decades, and in later stages attack your organs with very serious consequences.



Answered Feb 27, 2013
Edited Feb 27, 2013
The only way to tell for sure is to get tested. And remember to always use condoms too. And you might want to use one of those antibacterial penis health cremes to make sure your penis stays extra clean and hygienic. The last thing you want to do is transfer odor-causing bacteria to your partner. Hope this info helps.
Answered Aug 18, 2016

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