I'm not sure if I'm bi or lesbian?

I've had a boyfriend for two years now...We've had sex and everythings always been okay but sometimes I just feel like I dont feel a spark or when we do stuff I can't help but think what life would be like if I was with a girl I imagine that it would be amazing and there would be a spark and butterflies...I think I'm in love with my best friend she's amazing and when I'm with her I don't have to stress about anything when I'm close to her I get a ton of butterflies in my stomach and I feel a spark and I never feel that way with my boyfriend and I think he's attractive for a guy but honestly what's there to check out on a guy they dont have boobs or a butt and thats what I love so it just worries me if I might be full on lesbian because I've been with him so long and I feel like I'm going crazy
Asked Feb 26, 2013
follow your heart
Answered Feb 27, 2013
The same thing happened to me a few years ago. Try to speak to your friend (girl) about it. In my situation we got drunk together and ended up kissing. It is better to deal with it by talking. I dated my friend for about 6 months and the sex was incredible. Things didn't work out between us, but that was mainly due to distance. I still find guys attractive and have had boyfriends since. Good luck. x
Answered Feb 27, 2013
my girlfriend was like you, shes been with quite a few guys before me and never felt the emotional and physical satifcation she feels with me, you already are sure about yourself just face it now, try getting with her, youd be surprised how many girls consider going gay these days cause guys just aren't charming as they use to be in the previous decades
Answered Feb 28, 2013
Well if you think it's going to spark and butterflies and stuff well you should test your self look at pics of your bf in the sexist poses and look at a pic of your friend if your attracted to your friend well you know the rest
Answered Apr 12, 2013

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