Ratios and percents

1. the price per share of US toys fell from 36.27$ to 25.22$ find the decrease percentage
2.A production company spent 59 1/2 days filming the first movie. the company's second movie was filmed in 9 1/4 weeks. find the ratio first movie to the second compare in weeks.
3. A friend lent 23,800 to Dawn W. Monroe, a the owner of a comic book store. she repaid the loan at the end of 3 months at 9 1/2% simple intrest. What total amount did dawn pay her friend?
4. the nutrition information on the cereal box says that a 1/2-cup serving provides 180 calories and 3 grams of fiber. how many calories and grams of fiber are in a 1/3-cup serving?
5. write this ratio as a fraction in lowest terms.
6. 267 days to 105 days.
7. write this percent as a fraction or mixed number in lowest terms. 6 9/8%
8. the price of oil recently went from 8.80 to 11.00 per case of 12 quarts find the ratio of the increase in price to the original price.
9. A long-distance telephone compant charges a rate of 9 cents per minute or a 40-cent minimum charge per completed call, whichever is greater. find the cost, in cents per minute, for a 2-minute call.
10. A bank in houston loans 80,000$ to a buisness at 7% for 9 months. how much simple intrest will the bank earn?
Asked Feb 25, 2013

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