TVantenna-good tv reception except when the electric buses go by my apt bldg-any suggestions?

I have the rabbit ears for TV reception - no cable or satellite. It works beautifully except when the electric buses and delivery trucks roll down my very busy city street. Is there anything on the market that will eliminate the interference with reception?
Asked Feb 25, 2013
Edited Feb 25, 2013
Disconnect the antenna and see what happens. If the static continues the same, it's coming in through the electrical system and an isolation transformer will remove it.

If it goes away when the antenna is disconnected, it is coming in via the antenna and the only solution would be to move the antenna farther away from the street

Answered Feb 25, 2013
Sigh, it's important to read the question before answering.
LF Feb 25, 2013
I read the question. Static electricity can come through the supply voltage as well as through the antenna when the vehicle passes through the elecreo-magnetic field of the transformer that feeds your house. Those transits can be filtered via an isolation transformer. Broadband radio frequency (RF) interference can't be filtered because it covers the entire TV frequency spectrum, transmitting on the same frequency as the local TV station.
Rob Feb 25, 2013
Thanks for clarifying. Not sure how to check since I don't get service at all if antenna is disconnected.
LF Feb 26, 2013
The static from the passing vehicles should have a different sound and intensity and show static on the screen than what is normally there with no antenna. With the antenna disconnected, if you see one of the electric vehicles pass and the audio and video changes as described, an isolation transformer will remove that. If there is no difference in the audio/video it is RF interference and the transformer wouldn't work.

If it is RF interference you can file a complaint with the FCC if you are in the US.
Rob Feb 26, 2013

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