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I am 14 and I moved away from my home country. I am in a complicated relationship with my ex who lives in my home country. When I visit he wants to have sex and I told him that I am not ready but if something does happen I am self conscious because my boobs are really small like AA30 or AA60... Another question when I masturbate it gets way to good and I can't carry on.. Advice. Please help :) Oh and if you watch lesbian porn... does that mean I'm lesbian?
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Asked Feb 24, 2013
i think I like u... no just kidding no I think u should try the sex with your ex if u really not ready for it u can always say no!
and I think if u r watching lesbian porn u r a lesbian OR bi
hope I helped
Answered Feb 24, 2013
I thought u cudnt date. Don't have sex with him cuz ur only fourteen, b logical, u have more of a reason to b not ready than ur boobs, tht don't matter, what matter is r u ready to put ur future at risk for prolly around five minutes of a good feelin or if its something u two have done before maybe longer, but still don't., n actually not so much of a good feelin for u, more for him, he's more likely to orgasm than u cuz its harder for girls to. Don't have sex with him, plz for urself, ok? Plz. Ur prolly not even gon marry him. And if girls turn u on n guys too, ur prolly bi. N about ur masturbatin, idk, I guess go till u hit tht climax where u feel 'too good' then take a break n go again. Good luck :-)
Answered Feb 26, 2013
I agree. Don't have sex when you're not ready, or old/mature/financially secure enough to handle the consequences.

Watching lesbian porn doesn't make you lesbian/bi. A lot of women like girl-on-girl but would never seriously consider having a relationship with a woman.

On the masturbation... just take a break and pick up again. Sometimes you just need to catch your breath for a minute or two. :-)
Answered Feb 26, 2013

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