My mom is soo anoying everyone likes her exept my bros and i. dont know about my dancing.

soo lately I had a few talks with my mom some heavy one about my dad that hes smoking pot and stuff but I want to walk away and never come back but I dont know if thats the solution if I do walk away I can still earn money with dancing but I am not THAT good pleace help
Asked Feb 24, 2013
Keep in mind that you aren't responsible for your parents problems, your focus should be on your future. The answer is, do your absolute best to learn some salable skills and get the best education you can. That's your ticket out of a bad situation at home. When you walk away and you're unable to support yourself, you always have to walk back.
Answered Feb 24, 2013
isnt walking away a good break...?
"Walk away and never come back" implies that you are aren't talking about taking a break. Anyway, a break would set you back in what you need the most, the ability to support yourself over the long haul. I'm saying forget about your parents issues and put all of your efforts into your future so someday one of your kids isn't on EHelp complaining about you. You can easily do it, it's just a matter of setting your priorities on what will make a difference in your future. When you are 30 years old, what happened with your parents will make little difference. How you reacted to it will control who you are.
Rob Feb 24, 2013
okey thanks I stay home I dont want my kids to complain about me :)
and I wanna be strong
but what if my bro says that I can life with him in aruba?
It's your life. You get to make your choices and you have to live with the consequences of what you choose, good or bad. It really is that simple...
Rob Feb 24, 2013

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