Are females better than males?

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Asked Feb 24, 2013
That depends on what aspect of males and females. Males and females are different. There isn't really a 'better' gender. Each gender always thinks their gender is the best. I'm a female so I obviously think that females are better, but the truth is, males and females are just different.
Females - are on average 3% smarter than males. Are better at the arts, humanities and languages (generally) and are more sensitive to emotions.
Males - are better with maths, science and sports. Has a better aim, physically stronger than females.
There are exceptions to that rule too so it's not always consistent.
So females aren't necessarily better than men though in an argument you can point these things out.
Answered Feb 26, 2013
no idea about this questions.all the things have two aspects
Answered Feb 27, 2013

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